Saturday, March 16, 2013

Research and Creative Work Faculty Appointment

The reality of this appointment is still dawning on me so I need some time to process.  In the meantime, I will let my Chair, Dr. Jon Fernandez, do the talking:

** quote **

I am very proud to announce that

Prof. Didith Rodrigo

has been selected as 1 of the 2 Research and Creative Works (RCW) faculty for SOSE. This was announced in yesterday's University Scholarly Works awards held at Faber hall. There are 2 such faculty selected per school, for a total of 8 for the entire LS.

RCW faculty are expected to lead the university in producing new knowledge through research. Each is given 24 units of deload per year for 2 years so that the RCW faculty can truly focus on research. For the university to give such a privilege to anyone, the recipient faculty must have demonstrated an outstanding track record in research, as evidenced by actual publications and citations of published works.

The award/designation is *very competitive*. In SOSE in particular, almost 50% of the faculty are PhDs. Many of these PhD faculty are prominent in the country (the faculty from Chem and Math first come to my mind, but there are many others also from the other departments).

So, in behalf of the DISCS family, congratulations again, Didith! This is a testament to your truly outstanding research work.

Best regards,
** end of quote **
Thank you, Jon.  Thank you, DISCS. Thank you, Ateneo.