Monday, March 18, 2013


Dear Women of the Ateneo who are graduating this Friday and Saturday,

There is an ad in today's paper that encourages you to look stunning during graduation by (buying and) wearing their five inch heels.  As a fellow Ateneo woman who owns five inch heels and adores wearing them, I strongly advise you against this.  You will be standing and walking on grass for about an hour. Unless you can stand on point for this long, your heels will be tilling the earth, your feet will be killing you, and your calves will be cramping by the time the ceremony begins.  Five inch heels, in my experience, are for sitting down and crossing your legs.

In all probability, you and your loved ones will be proceeding to grad dinners later that evening.  My advice is to keep the killer heels in the car and change shoes after the ceremony.

You are already an Atenean.  Few things are more stunning than that.