Monday, April 15, 2013


My fellow faculty members were telling me once about our students' reactions to the formation aspects of the core curriculum.  Students who had worked as day laborers said that they suddenly felt invisible.  It was far from normal--You can't walk from Kosta to Gonzaga without saying hi to a dozen friends. When they put on the supermarket bagger's uniform or started barking for fares from a jeepney stand, people would walk past them without acknowledging that they existed. 

Hearing that story made me think of my own behavior.  When I walk into buildings on campus, I'm often lost in thought.  I'm snapped out of my haze by a "Good morning, Maam," usually from the security guard or our maintenance personnel.  I say "Good morning" back, but I'm always stung by the fact that they had to be the ones to see me and greet me first. I keep telling myself that I should make an effort to be the first to say hello, and of course I forget because I slip back into my thoughts.  I have to make more of an effort to not treat people like they are invisible.