Saturday, June 29, 2013


This morning, I had to be at ALLS to meet up with several of my former students.  Each meet had a slightly different agenda.  Alej Jayme, Dom Isidro, and Mitel Macalinao had some papers to sign.  TC Andallaza and Zack Chung and I had to discuss the papers/posters that I have to present at a conference next week. Anto Umali was supposed to walk me through how to operate his group's thesis--the robotic arm--but we ran out of time.  Other people visited the lab as well--Carlos Mapua, Rall Llobrera, Gabby Sanchez, Danna Aduna.  (If I forgot anyone, I do apologize.)

In the middle of it all, Zack made a remark:  This is still a nice place to get together.  That was nice to hear.