Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stuff you learn from exercise

You learn to enjoy the ache in your joints muscles.

You learn that the prettiest thing your wearing could be a sweat stain.

You learn to respect people who can do many, many things that you can't.  Like stay in plank position with a 10 kg weight on their backs.

You realize that when people check themselves in the mirror, they're not being vain--they're checking their form.  (Yeah right.)

You learn that muscle memory, perhaps more than any other kind of memory, takes practice. 

You learn that one key to success is controlling your hunger(s). 

You learn that scars, scabs, and bruises are interesting rather than unsightly.  They start all kinds of conversation threads that you never would otherwise have.

You learn to need stuff that you never foresaw needing.  Like groin protection.