Sunday, July 28, 2013

An old, low-tech idea that no one seems to have picked up

About a decade ago, some close relatives of mine moved to the US to start a new life.  On special occasions, I would look online for gifts to order for them (Amazon is my friend).  I was always on the lookout for Filipino food: was it possible order crispy pata frozen and vacuum-sealed and have it shipped to them?  Alas, I always ended up order chorizo because there was no prepacked, ready to eat Filipino food that was available by mail order.  I went so far as to write the Max's branch in California to ask if they could do something like this. They said no.

Earlier today, I began my search again and still came up empty.  I could order ready-to-eat Indian curries.  I can get sausages and cheeses of all kinds.  I can get smoked salmon.  I can order steaks.  I recently found out I could order Kansas barbecue, baked beans, and a number of fixings. Filipino food, though, remains illusive.

If Filipino food is supposed to be the next big thing in cuisine and given size of the Filipino diaspora, why hasn't someone capitalized on mail order Filipino food?  'Tis a mystery.   To our entrepreneurs:  If anyone picks up on this idea and decides to freeze, vacuum seal, and ship Filipino viands, please put me on your mailing list.  You have one customer right here.